I lost my wife and son 2016.. How do I live with that❤️

Who am I ? And what has happened?

I was born 1965 in Örebro, i am an economist with car and motor sports interest.

I met my love Camilla 1995.

In the autumn of 1997, Camilla’s father got cancer and then passed away in January 1998, in early November he told me that it was ”count down” and it remains in my memory.

We got married in Las Vegas in 2000, When we got home our daughter got diabetes.

In 2003, Albert was born with a severe disability, nothing we hoped for, but Albert was a ”surprized wonderful” kid and could spread joy despite all his limitations. So we have always lived an active life and adapted and created the conditions for such a normal life it goes. Camilla’s words were Albert is part of our family so we live by it!

It has not always been easy with several hospital visits, operations, adaptations, etc. but when you are in the situation you solve it.

2007 Albert got blind. It took me very Hard and was very difficult to learn to live with.

In 2013, breast cancer was discovered at Camilla! The total shock! After three operations and a cruel chemotherapy treatment, the treatment was considered successful and in 2014 we tried to ”catch up” a little with three foreign visits etc.

In the spring of 2015, the spread of the cancer was discovered to the hip and now it was only to realize that our time together was limited. The doctors tried to give us hope of up to six years, yes in some cases even ten while we tuned in on two, and hoped for three.

Already in August it began to stray..and then slowly deteriorated in the autumn..

December 2015 was a big chaos, Christmas was spent in the hospital, Camilla came home and lived at home for a week before ending the hospital the night of Albert’s birthday 23rd of January 2016.

I would now mourn at the same time as I would create a new life with Albert. It went well with regard to the conditions. Getting to know a new soul mate felt real good and she is very special for me.

No one wants the experience of losing their child!

The 10th of July late in the evening we go to the hospital, in the morning something happens so I have to say goodbye again the same year!

Having a good friend standing next to you when something like this happens is indescribable!❤️❤️❤️❤️

In The blog i have tried to tell my story of how I feel, lonelynes, life with my daughter, what I do, friends, tips, cars, partiets, how i tried to njoy life and more.. I have change a lot of things in my mind. What is important..

Njoy and if I can help someone its ok for me.

All the best to you❤️


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